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Reviews of Ouch, Now I Remember


…I found “Ouch, Now I Remember) to be a witty yet edifying read, riddled with some funny moments and insights…with many of them making me laugh out loud. I enjoy his writing style; it was comforting yet candid, like listening to a respected relative recount their own life with unabashed honesty.”
Pacific Book Review


…throughout the memoir, Corbett’s prose remains engaging, consistently mixing intelligent insight with the familiar jokes that one would expect from a close friend. A thoughtful memoir about life and politics, told in a(n) … endearing style.”
Kirkus Review


…the emergence of Corbett’s humanistic world view … gives Ouch, Now I Remember intellectual gravitas. … Corbett imparts an enormous amount of wisdom and humanity.”
Clarion Review


Reviews of Browsing Through My Candy Store ….


Corbett’s stories from the front lines of policy making, like All Quiet on the Western Front or The Things They Carried, provide great insight into the way the world works, not what the generals or policy planners think is happening.”
Matt Stagner, Ph.D. MPR Research Inc., and Univ. of Chicago


If you truly want to understand how public policy works, read this book.”
Mary Fairchild, National Conference of State Legislators


These stories from the political front lines can inspire even the most reluctant students to make policy a cause of their own.”
Karen Bogenschneider, Ph.D., Univ. of Wisconsin


Preliminary Reviews of The Boat Captain’s Conundrum ….

“The author takes the reader on a witty and and whimsical tour of how a policy wonk tackles some seminal social challenges of recent decades. It is a delightful and informative tour that integrates personal intellectual struggles with profound insights. Read this and you will be swept along by the daunting, yet seductive, challenges of doing policy work.”of transforming experiences that broadened his world view and led him to his policy career.
Lawrence Berger, Director, Institute for Research on Poverty, University of Wisconsin-Madison


“This book sings because Corbett writes with the authority of someone “in the arena.” as famously extolled by Teddy Roosevelt. As a lifelong policy wonk, Corbett brings to life the travails of being marred by “dust and sweat and blood” and the triumphs of daring to pursue a “worthy cause,” no matter how uncertain. This book is a worth read for all who consider “jumping into the arena.”
Karen Bogenschneider, Rothermal-Bascom Professor of Human Ecology, University of Wisconsin-Madison


“Public policy work is noble and effective. Democracy demands that we respect this profession and listen to those like Tom Corbett who do this work so passionately and effectively. Without insightful public policy analysis, we put ourselves at the mercy of those with the loudest voices and the deepest pockets. I highly recommend this book to students, concerned voters, and public leaders. Understanding public policy-how the work is done and the challenges the profession faces-will enable all of us to listen and contribute more effectively.”
Kay Plantes, Economist and Business Consultant, La Jolla California


Early reviews for Tenuous Tendrils:

“Corbett has create a captivating novel… The book title perfectly describes the fine and fragile thread that spirals around each individual…to create an enthralling story that anyone will love to read.”

U.S. Review of Books


“…a fascinating and worthwhile read. Tenuous Tendrils by Tom Corbett is a captivating read with engaging vignettes which paint a picture of a retired professor, his life, and the connections which bind everything together.”

Pacific Review of Books