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The author’s journey starts with OUCH, NOW I REMEMBER in which he recounts growing up in a provincial, ethnic, working class family in the post World War II period. With great humor and occasional pathos, he shares a number of transforming experiences that broadened his world view and led him to a policy career. In BROWSING THROUGH MY CANDY STORE, the author recounts with wit and insight his four-plus decade struggle with some of the most vexing policy issues of the last half-century including the bitter battle to reform our nation’s welfare system. Finally, in THE BOAT CAPTAIN’S CONUNDRUM, he completes an intellectual journey that reflects on his long career as a policy wonk and as a scholar at the University of Wisconsin. In the final work of the trilogy, the author explores some of his seminal thoughts and writings from a remarkable professional and intellectual journey. In these three volumes, the author fascinates us with a personal journey during which he tilted a whimsical policy lance at our nation’s most stubborn and vexing dilemmas…poverty, welfare, inequality and social opportunity.

Tenuous Tendrils is a young man’s journey into exile and isolation during he 1960s, and his heartwarming redemption some four decades later.